The Hard Left are organising to take over our great party and high on their priority list is forcing through rule changes, including the ‘McDonnell Amendment’; reducing the number of MPs required to get on the leadership ballot to a level low enough to guarantee McDonnell gets on.

Our brilliant Labour First volunteers worked tirelessly in the build-up to Annual Conference 2015 and 2016, to make sure we won crucial votes, including on NEC representation this year, and stopping a divisive debate on Trident last year.

But the Hard Left has the resources – Momentum has plentiful funding, staff and data – and they are upping their game. We need to do the same. In response we have hired a dedicated member of staff to organise for us to win delegate elections to Annual Conference, and to set up local groups to counteract Momentum around the country, we simply won’t be able to stop them. We can’t continue relying exclusively on volunteers.

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